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What to expect during your first acupuncture treatment at New Vibes Acupuncture – Denver, CO

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What to expect during your acupuncture treatments here at New Vibes Acupuncture clinic.
Acupuncture works by bringing your body into a state of balance and harmony, so that the innate intelligence within you, can restore, repair and heal from the inside out. Acupuncture works by removing blockages that have accumulated from trauma, lifestyle and other factors. Acupuncture is based around Traditional Chinese medicine and has been around for thousands of years, helping people heal from a variety of ailments.

Your initial treatment will be approximately 90 minutes. This will give you and me enough time to go over your medical history and create a treatment plan that is best for your body. After that, you will lay on a comfortable table where you will begin to relax. At that point, I will begin to place these small, gentle needles (show needle) into various parts of the meridians on your body. They are quite painless and highly effective. After the needles are in, you will peacefully lay on the treatment bed, many people drift off to sleep, while others go into a deep meditative state. You can expect to relax for about 20-40 minutes, and the more you relax, the more effective the treatment becomes.

At the end of the treatment, when the needles are removed, most people remain in this relaxed 5t state throughout the day. The effects of your treatment will last throughout the day and even the week, promoting less pain, reduced stress, balanced emotions, and improved sleep.
Occasionally, if you have an empty stomach you may feel a little bit dizzy. Please make sure you have eaten that day, or eat a small snack prior to your appointment. One treatment will certainly help you feel better, but acupuncture works best in a series of consecutive treatments. We can devise a treatment plan depending on the severity and duration of your condition that we are addressing. For chronic conditions that have been present for many months or years, the treatment plan may be longer and more in depth. For acute conditions such as a recent strain or injury, the treatment plan may be much shorter.

Now, here is a really important part… The therapies we provide at NV are a key to unlocking the wisdom of your body to heal itself. But, other inhibiting factors can prevent your body from healing, So it’s important to make changes in your lifestyle. At NV, I coach my patients to transform their life in order to support the acupuncture and other therapies that we do together. So, acupuncture helps, but the treatment results depend on how much is done outside of the clinic. What are you going to do to make things better? If wellness, strength and feeling good are important, It’s up to each and every one of us to be our own best health advocate. You are your own best healer, and your health is your responsibility. I am here to guide you 🙂

Keep in mind that you don’t need to be sick or ailing from anything to receive treatment, Acupuncture is highly effective to help you maintain optimal health and wellbeing. Be sure to check out our NV membership program to learn how to save a lot of money while staying vibrantly healthy and happy.

For more information or questions you may have, please contact our clinic and schedule a complimentary consultation. I’ll spend at least 15 minutes listening to you and answering any of your questions, and then provide you with the best solutions for your needs.
Now that you know what to expect, click here to know how to be prepared for your acupuncture treatment. https://www.healthynewvibes.com/be-prepared/

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