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What is Multiple Sclerosis? Is there a Massage Therapist in Denver who can help me?

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Multiple Sclerosis is an autoimmune disorder, which means it’s the body attacking itself. Nerve cells, especially the ones in the brain, have an extension coming off of them which sends neurotransmitters to another nerve cell. That’s how they communicate. That extension is generally insulated with a substance called "myelin." If the body attacks the myelin, corrodes it, or eliminates it altogether, it’s like removing the insulation around an electrical wire, and it makes the nervous system go haywire.
Early symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis often involve vision problems: There’s a pain in the eyes, blurry vision; an inability to see bright colors, so colors appear dull. Also sometimes these people experience dysesthesia, which is a numbness or tingling, or a feeling like an electric shock being sent into the extremities.
Over time, these symptoms progress and become more significant. These people often experience dizziness or a feeling of being lightheaded; they have speech problems like slurred speech; they have difficulty swallowing; they sometimes have problems with their elimination system which eliminates waste from the body; sometimes these people develop clumsiness, or difficulty with daily tasks like bathing. They can even develop seizures, or muscle spasms or tremors, and they often have mood problems like depression, mood swings, irritability, and periods of uncontrollable laughter or crying at times that seem inappropriate for that.
The good news is that Massage Therapy can be very helpful to these people. Massage can be very helpful for pain levels; circulatory problems; obviously I can be very helpful for muscle spams and tremors. Also, I can be very helpful for mood problems like depression. Massage is great for depression. Massage can also help to restore deep sleep, which is when the body heals itself.
So there’s a lot that Massage Therapy can do for these people, but there are also some considerations to be taken in certain cases. There are conditions, which when coupled with Multiple Sclerosis, can really complicate matters. It’s a good idea to consult your doctor if you have any of the following conditions in addition to your Multiple Sclerosis: Osteoporosis can complicate Multiple Sclerosis (that’s when the bones are brittle). Pregnancy can also complicate Multiple Sclerosis. Swelling, or what’s medically called edema, can often indicate visceral problems. Things like recent injuries, or diagnoses of arthritis, or cancer, or heart disease can often complicate Multiple Sclerosis. Neuropathy is also another thing you want to consult your doctor about. If it’s coupled with Mulstiple Sclerosis, this can create complications. So in those cases, it’s a really good idea to consult with your doctor before getting a massage, and I as a practitioner would feel much more comfortable that way.
So that’s Multiple Sclerosis, that’s the ways I can help people with Multiple Sclerosis, and I hope to see you soon. Maybe I can help you with this. Thanks for watching.

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