February 28, 2024

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How can Massage Therapy help computer users and Beauticians in Denver?

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Hi everybody, this is Mark with Vital Touch. If you’re not on the computer all day, you probably know somebody who is. Computers are, after all, a very important part of our modern civilization; and they have been integrated into many, many jobs, even mine to an extent.
There are even those who use the computer all day for a living. They can have simpler jobs, like data entry, all the way up to being programmers or software engineers. People who use the computer all day find that their jobs wreak havoc on their bodies, and it’s very similar to what beauticians go through. Beauticians are people who do hair, they’re hair stylists.
One thing they have in common is neck problems. People who are staring at a computer monitor all day long get stiff necks, particularly muscles like the scalenes, sternocleidomastoid, and some of the posterior muscles I’ll be describing in a moment. Now they might have multiple monitors, in which case they do a little rotation, but generally speaking people’s necks are stationary for jobs like that, and they have a lot in common with beauticians. Tension in the neck for beauticians translates from the shoulders. They spend the day with their hands and arms up like this. Now if you spend your day with your hands and arms up like this, eventually this just translates into your shoulders rising, and that feeds into the neck. Muscles like levator scapula and the upper trapezius. So these are the neck problems these people have, which makes them excellent candidates for thoracic outlet syndrome.
These people also have issues with their forearms. The muscles that control your hands are in your forearms. This side is flexor muscles, these are your gripping muscles; these are your extensors which would open your hand. With the old time typewriters, people get tight in their flexors from pushing the keys down. It takes a lot of force to push those keys down. With modern keyboards they get tight in their extensors from lifting their fingers up to move them to another key. Beauticians get tight forearms from handling things like shears, and combs, and clippers, and all the tools they use in their trade. So these are all things that make them excellent candidates for carpal tunnel syndrome.
When people in these professions start to have these problems, it would be great to intervene before these problems become serious or widespread. So if you know anybody in these professions who is starting to have these problems, I hope you’ll send them to me so I can help them. I can be reached at 303.819.0097. Let’s get you some relief. Thanks for watching.

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